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Access strengths and skills to handle personal, spiritual, and professional goals and challenges through Coaching.

Coaching is a one-on-one tailored learning and developmental approach that provides a source of renewal through a collaborative, reflective, goal-focused relationship that yields positive change. 
Life Coaching


Do you need help finding a solution because life is too complicated? Are you seeking a life change and need help with the Who, What, and How? Do you need help with creating a plan and have support with action steps? Life coaching helps you explore new possibilities and re-evaluate to experience the quality of life desired. 


Dr. Clay partners with you in a psychologically safe space to help you discover, break out of your comfort zone, and expand your thinking while helping you find fulfillment through living your values.

BTHM utilizes Biblical methods and assessments to focus on goal-oriented and life-satisfaction strategies.

Leadership Coaching


Have you ever experienced emotional exhaustion from social demands? Have you felt overwhelmed by challenging leadership decisions, problems managing conflict, and loss of confidence? Have difficulty with work-family conflict and a lack of self-care?  Coaching helps bring clarity and new insights.

I also specialize in Spiritual Formation Coaching and can help leaders re-focus on the bigger picture of life, work, faith, and renewed fulfillment in calling.


Dr. Clay will partner with you in a client-centered process that explores values, beliefs, needs, and doubts through a thought-provoking and creative process that illuminates a path toward fulfilling your goals.


Let us co-create a plan just for you. BTHM uses a combination of assessments (strengths, gifts, personality, and emotional intelligence) to help you understand your design and how to thrive in your role, relationships, and responsibilities. 

Chrisitan Spiritual Formation


Coaching in spiritual formation can take you deeper in your pursuit of growing closer to Jesus Christ. You can develop a thriving prayer and devotional life that yields transformative results. Discover new insights that strengthen relationships in marriage, raising children, and business, as well as a faith perspective on how to be a Christian influencer in a chaotic world. 


Dr. Clay will partner to help you think broadly, gain clarity, heighten spiritual well-being, and build faith.


Dr. Clay uses a Biblical approach, Life Wheel, and Spiritual Well-being assessments to understand your goal-oriented, life satisfaction, and spiritual well-being.

Coaching Process


Clients have the opportunity to explore their real self (strengths and gaps), their resilience (current reality), and their ideal self (desire) through a question-driven process.


The focus is on clients using their creativity and resourcefulness to see beyond what is blocking them from growing, determine their own solutions, and achieve desired goals.


Change naturally stirs anxiety and concern; with a supportive coach, the client can implement new practices, processes, and positive changes that are achievable and measurable.

Coaching Packages

Explore our one-on-one Coaching Plans

Let us support you in a goal-focused coaching experience that leads to transformative growth in personal, spiritual, and leadership.

Have a specific goal in mind; if not, we can co-create one.

Listed below are some goal ideas to consider as a guide to growth in spiritual formation or leadership enhancement.

Spiritual Formation: You want to deepen your faith, develop prayer and devotional disciplines, and recognize stages of faith and barriers to growth. Our spiritual formation coaching program uses a Biblical approach, Life Wheel, and various Spiritual Well-being assessments to help you flourish and accomplish your purpose.

Christian Leadership: You want to increase self-awareness, increase empathy, develop skills to handle challenges, regain clarity of role and alleviate burnout. Our leadership coaching program uses Biblical approaches and assessments, Clifton Strengths and Spiritual Well-Being Scale (SWBS), to help you grow as a transformative leader.

Apply your goal to one of our coaching package plans (4-week, 12-week, and 24-week plans) listed below.


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